Supply Chain Consulting

For Canadian companies in manufacturing, logistics and distribution, the customer service, reliability, pricing and execution of an organization’s supply chain operations are the biggest contributing factors to the operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

  • If a company’s supply chain strategy and facility investments drain available capital, then they can’t invest in new product development, market expansion or countless other initiatives that could make them more competitive.
  • If they starve their supply chain management of investment, then productivity will fall, operating costs will rise and customer service will deteriorate.
  • Conversely, every dollar wasted on unnecessary supply chain processes (facilities, equipment and technology) is a dollar that can’t be invested to deliver elsewhere, into things like product development or building new stores.

Most executives are forced to become experts in real estate every 5 – 10 years when their lease is expiring and they have to focus on whether to renew or relocate.

ENCOR is a trusted Supply Chain consultant in Toronto, Canada with a track record of helping clients navigate these complex supply chain challenges throughout Canada and the United States, which in turn helps shape future real estate needs.

Who Needs Supply Chain Consulting Services?

Our customers fit into 4 main categories:

  1. A business that is looking to reduce labour costs.
  2. An organization that is seeking to maximize capacity.
  3. Need to improve service delivery.
  4. Recent merger / acquisition.

How Much does Supply Chain Consulting Cost?

It’s complicated.  It varies across industries (such as what is the commodity in the warehouse), and what processes are currently in place.  Maturing companies with fewer systems and workflows are typically easier for us to work with compared to organizations that operate with data in legacy systems and require more resources on our part to find solutions.



  • Supply Chain Management Roadmaps

  • Audit of previous supply chain services and consulting firms

  • Distribution Network Analysis

  • Business Process Mapping and S&OP Process Engineering

  • Inventory Control Consulting

  • 3rd Party Logistics Selection & Integration

  • Operations Due Diligence & Post-Acquisition Integration

  • Strategic sourcing of 3rd parties

  • Company procurement review

  • Category Management

  • Direct Control and Single Point of Failure Analytics


  • Supply Chain Software Selection

  • Implementation of ERP, WMS & MES Systems

  • Support & Continuous Improvement

  • EDI and Systems-to-Systems Integrations

  • Implementation Rescues and Project Supervision

  • Inventory management and e commerce review

  • Digital transformation and next generation analysis

  • Innovation metrics

  • Business Case Overview

  • Procurement Assistance

Facility Design

  • Facility & Function Sizing

  • Operating Strategy & Layouts

  • Materials Handling 

  • Automation Design & Selection

  • Simulations

  • Financial Modeling & Justification

  • SOP Engineering

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Supply chain activities

  • Site Selection Business Case

Facility Implementation

  • Project Management

  • Vendor Management & Equipment Selection

  • Role Planning, Job Descriptions, & Labor Planning

  • Materials Handling System Commissioning

  • Cutover Planning & Go-Live Supervision

  • 3PL Selection & Integration to multiple supply chains

Contact our supply chain consultants in Toronto, Ontario, Canada today: 

Jeff Howell, Chief Growth Officer and Supply Chain Consultant

ENCOR Advisors is a professional service advisory business that provides a range of corporate real estate and logistics solutions to businesses that occupy commercial real estate across Canada, the United States and globally.  We improve the supply chains for most companies within the first few meetings. 

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