Supply Chain Consulting

In distribution and manufacturing environments, the customer service, reliability, pricing and execution of an organization’s supply chain are the biggest contributing factors to the brand’s reputation and overall image.

  • If a company’s supply chain and facility investments drain available capital, then they can’t invest in new product development, market expansion or countless other initiatives that could make them more competitive.
  • If they starve their supply chain of investment, then productivity will fall, operating costs will rise and customer service will deteriorate.
  • Conversely, every dollar wasted on unnecessary supply chain infrastructure (facilities, equipment and technology) is a dollar that can’t be invested elsewhere, into things like product development or building new stores.

Most executives are forced to become experts in real estate every 5 – 10 years when their lease is expiring and they have to choose whether to renew or relocate.

ENCOR relies on a trusted Supply Chain partner to help clients navigate these challenges, which in turn helps shape future real estate needs.



  • Audits & Roadmaps
  • Distribution Network Design
  • Business Process Mapping and S&OP Process Engineering
  • Inventory Control Consulting
  • 3PL Selection & Integration
  • Operational Due Diligence & Post-Acquisition Integration


  • Supply Chain Software Selection
  • Implementation of ERP, WMS & MES Systems
  • Support & Continuous Improvement
  • EDI and Systems-to-Systems Integrations
  • Implementation Rescues and Project Management

Facility Design

  • Facility & Function Sizing
  • Operating Strategy & Layouts
  • Materials Handling Design
  • Automation Design & Selection
  • Simulations
  • Financial Modeling & Justification
  • SOP Engineering

Facility Implementation

  • Project Management
  • Vendor & Equipment Selection
  • Role Planning, Job Descriptions, & Labor Planning
  • Materials Handling System Commissioning
  • Cutover Planning & Go-Live Support
  • 3PL Selection & Integration

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