Lease Administration

What is Lease Administration?

ENCOR’s lease administration are administrative and clerical duties for clients that have multiple commercial leases – much like a property management service for corporate space users.  

Who Needs Lease Administration Services?

We work with tenants who are both corporate space occupiers (leasing space), and some of our clients are property owners in some markets (having a mix of owned and leased properties).  

Our Lease Administrator Services are designed to assist our clients in the centralization, validation and administration of their real estate portfolios (leased or owned properties).

Typically our clients have 50-100 leases and no dedicated internal resource to staff the administration, or 500+ leases with a light staff of 2-4 and need additional support to assist with new locations, renewals, and project management.

We also work with companies in Canada that are tired of paying $40k – $70k for a lease administrator job, but find that they are continually re-hiring and re-training for the role every year.

We can provide a range of products and services, including:

  • Main Point of Contact to Property Management and leasing agents for Local Real Estate Markets
  • Database Development and Management of Lease Documents
  • Lease Administrator Jobs and Fractional Real Estate Services
  • Lease execution and arrangements for Fees and Commissions
  • Employee Preferred Pricing on Real Estate Technologies
  • All the paperwork for all Property Management Issues
  • Leasing Agent Role for Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Commercial Credit Reporting Agencies Management
  • Monitoring Tenant Improvement Allowances
  • Responsible for Real Estate Trust Deposits
  • Execute Marketing Plans for Dispositions
  • Tracking Incoming or Existing Tenancies
  • Critical Dates and Options Management
  • Increase Leads for Dispositions (sublets)
  • Coordination with Legal Departments
  • Makegood Provisions and Exit Costs
  • Overseeing Due Diligence Processes
  • Leasing Specialist for New Projects
  • Market Trends on Early Renewals
  • General Business Administration
  • Parking and Storage Agreements
  • Operating Expense Escalations
  • Coordinating External Services
  • Net Operating Income Review
  • Preparing Reports for C Suite
  • Tenant Insurance Validation
  • Outgoing Suite Inspections
  • Internal Property Manager
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Contractor Management
  • Document Management
  • Market Trends Analysis
  • Online Reporting Tools
  • Lease Abstraction
  • Closing Deals
  • Virtual Tours

We are proud of the ongoing investment we make in information systems and professional development, as this allows us to address emerging technologies and constantly evolving client requirements.

The ENCOR team has the expertise to provide Lease Admin Services on a regional, national and international level in a proactive, first class manner.

We have developed many management tools, which are flexible and easily adaptable to our clients’ specific needs.

ENCOR’s lease admin services assist its clients in adhering to appropriate commercial real estate standards and policies, ensuring the proper cost control of their real estate portfolios.

What does Lease Administration Cost?

Our lease administration fee will vary by the size of the portfolio (both in total locations, and total square footage). 

When ENCOR can earn a commercial real estate brokerage commission (paid by landlords), we are more able to complete other administrative work at lower cost, and those commissions can be pooled to support our team.  

We will create a risk analysis with you upfront, and provide a complete quote prior to an engagement.  Our lease administrators have 3-30 years of experience, which also affects the fee, depending on how the team is involved.

What Technologies are Involved in Lease Administration?

There are many products on the market, and our team is technology-agnostic – we will help you select the right platform.  Our preferred lease administration software to centralize documents, notes, tasks and documents is Hubspot, with a top 1% global Hubspot performer on our team.  

How Long Are Lease Administration Contracts?

We typically sign for a 3 year engagement, and that includes the upfront work of assembling the documentation into a system of record, either from scratch (paper-based), or importing from another system (often spreadsheets or a legacy software system).  

Lease Administration Toronto

For more information on how we assist existing tenants in the greater Toronto area and across Canada, please reach out to our Chief Growth Officer and head of Lease Administration Toronto Division in Toronto, Ontario, Jeff Howell at